Monday, February 4, 2013

Fine Jason!

Ohhh that Jason Wright.  Every time you think someone's forgotten about your blog, and it's ok not to post ever again, he shoots you a text saying "HEY HAVEN'T SEEN A POST IN A WHILE EH?" and I mean really, what can I say to that?

One thing I know that people do on these is follow up on their previous blog posts.  So, after all that deliberation, here is the gun I actually purchased.

This beauty is a CZ-52.  Its an old Czeckoslavakian weapon that is now surplus since there is no such thing as Czeckoslavakia.  It's ironic because after spending all the time trying to decide what I actually wanted, I decided to buy the exact same gun my dad has.  I figured there were a few good things about this.  First, I've already fired this gun lots, and feel pretty comfortable with it.  Second, I know how it feels, how it works, what it shoots.  Third, it was super cheap.  We're talking $200 range, and after going to the gun show, that is cheap for a decent handgun.  The only downside is that it shoots 7.62mm instead of 9mm, with the former being a few dollars more expensive per box than the latter.  The plus side is that 7.62 is a lot hotter than 9, meaning that it shoots harder and faster.  So I'm really excited to take my new baby out and show her the ropes.  Errr, targets.

Another thing to report to the blogosphere is that I did really well on finals!  I ended up getting a 3.54 GPA, which put me in the top 30% of the class and put me on the Dean's list.  Now normally I know you'd be thinking "Top 30 David?  Really?  You're way better than that.  And oh sooo handsome."  But let me just give you perspective here.  Coming into BYU law I was probably in the bottom 10% since I came in off the wait list.  So in my mind, that's really a jump of at least 60%.  Which I was very, very happy with when I got the grades.

I kinda looked like this guy, but really a whole lot happier.  As a congratulatory gift to me, Amanda let me play my favorite game (which I'm kind of banned from during school) for 3 days.  It was an excellent present.  In related news, I've already got an internship set up in southern California for half of the summer.  I'll be working with an attorney down there who does estate and probate law, which should be pretty exciting.  The law school gives us credit to intern for free, so I'll basically intern for 5 or 6 weeks and get 3 credits.  It's a pretty sweet deal.  I'm currently trying to find another one down there for the next half of summer so cross your fingers.  The hope is that I can network and meet people and hopefully land a job down there.  A few years till that happens though.

Speaking of presents, you know how people generally say when there's a raffle or something going on "Oh those are stupid, I never win those, dumb"?  Well I usually say that too and it's usually true.  The only thing I can remember winning (in a raffle) was a toy boat when I was probably 5 years old.  Well.  The LexisNexis company was giving out a $500 Amazon gift card.  This was happening last fall.  I signed up because it was free, and I was like, ah what the heck.  AND I TOTALLY WON!  $500 baby.  Definitely happy about that, cause I've been meaning to get a new graphics card for the computer.  And so in a few days, the second love of my life will be getting a new upgrade.

Sapphire Radeon HD 7750 1GB DDR5 HDMI / DVI-I / DP PCI-Express Graphics Card 11202-00-20G

There it is.  A beautiful, gorgeous, 1GB graphics card.  While it's definitely not top of the line, the fact that I'm currently running integrated graphics means that my gameplay and video experience is about to increase by approximately a bajillion percent.  So I'm pretty happy about that.

Well Jason, there you go.  Another blog post.  You're like the little devil on my shoulder, encouraging me to write these things.



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